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The difference between curtain tracks

From:Xusheng (Fujian) Window Decoration Co., Ltd.     Release time:2020-03-28

Overview:There are many types of curtain rails on the market, which are divided into two series of bright rails and dark rails. There are three types of curtain rails: wooden poles, aluminum alloy poles, curtain poles. Dark orbits are: nano orbits, aluminum alloy orbits, and silent orbits. Regardless of the material, the first element of the track is smoothness, the installation code is firm, and the accessories will not pollute the curtains. Now we will discuss the common tracks in the market with my colleagues one or two:

I. Dark rail profile:

With aluminum alloy as the top, the so-called nano-orbit is actually plastic, but just changed its name. Long-term use will age and break, which is a short-term product. There are many types of aluminum alloy tracks. The surface treatment includes oxidation, spraying, and electrophoresis. The raw materials are based on primary aluminum alloys. Many cheap aluminum alloy tracks are made of recycled materials. The surface treatment is electrophoresis as the best. The surface is smooth and does not fade. .

Pulley: There are two types of plastics and nylon. Most of the plastics are made of recycled materials. The surface is dull and rough, and it will break and age in a short time. Its pull ring is generally bent with ordinary iron wires. It will rust and pollute over time. Curtains, good pulleys are made of wear-resistant native nylon, smooth and burr-free, smooth by hand. The pull ring is made of 304 stainless steel, which can be distinguished by a magnet when you choose.

Installation code: generally use 0.5mm thickness ordinary painting, the pressure plate is made of recycled plastic, which is easy to rust and damage. A good installation code is a guarantee of solid track. 1.0MM steel plate should be used. Nylon pressure plate should be used. The surface should be strictly pickled. \ Cleaning \ scaling \ cleaning process, firm coating and easy installation.

Track cover [Cap]: Generally cheap track is made of recycled plastic, the surface is dull and has no toughness, the excellent cover is made of high-quality ABS, the surface is smooth, and the trademark and text are clear.

Packing: Generally, the track packaging is simple and unpacked. Good tracks will use well-printed PE packaging bags.

You can't covet the cheapness of the track when you buy it. You must compare it from the above aspects. The track is the basis of the curtains. Good track use is smooth and firm, which can save you a lot of

2. There are more Ming rails now installed, so-called Ming rails are the collective name of Roman rails and decorative rails. Ming rails are made of aluminum alloy, solid wood, and steel pipes according to their materials.

1, solid wood curtain rod: more common, diverse colors, can be divided into two types of transparent color and cover color, basically depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc. There are two types with and without silencer, which is basically the same, because the curtains are opened and closed several times a day.

2. Aluminum alloy decorative rails: There are many on the market. The difference in quality is as long as the thickness of the wall is good. The thickness of a good pipe is 1.5MM-2MM. Second, look at the design of the pull ring. Many aluminum alloy decorative rails The pull ring has pull grooves in the upper and lower parts of the track. In fact, it is a fake decorative rail design. The pull ring of the real decorative rod slides directly on the rod.

3, steel pipe curtain rod: commonly known as iron art pole, surface treatment is sprayed, electroplated, diameter 16MM, 19MM, 20MM, 25MM, 28MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and plating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting feet, and the thickness of the pipe wall

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