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How to choose curtain track, curtain rod

From:Xusheng (Fujian) Window Decoration Co., Ltd.     Release time:2020-03-24

Overview:There are currently two main channels for purchasing curtain rails and curtain rods: optional when buying curtains in curtain shops, or in home building materials supermarkets.

In fact, these two channels are mainly for the purpose of sales, and lack of introduction to product features and how to choose. The curtain shop is the agent of one or more brands of curtain rods, good quality

The price varies, and as long as the customer chooses the right price, the curtains will be sold. The home building materials supermarket has no special introduction.

In fact, as a hardware product, we should still know more about the characteristics and quality of track products, and make appropriate choices, so as not to feel inappropriate in the future and need to change.

The curtain track and curtain rod can be collectively called the curtain track. The slide rail can be called a concealed track, and the decorative pole is a surface-mounted track. First of all, understand the characteristics of the product. In fact, how to choose

More clearly.

Concealed track, slide rail

Concealed track is characterized by flexible installation methods and small footprint. The slide rails can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, so they can be installed not only in front of windows, but also for hanging windows.

Curtains, and can be installed on the ceiling in the middle of the room, using curtains, line curtains or bead curtains as partitions of the room or for decorative purposes. Cannot be installed for large floor-to-ceiling windows

Curtain rods, but tracks can be installed on the ceiling. Other rooms have curtain boxes or curtain curtain rails, which are only suitable for installing rails. At the same time, the track also has a freely curved track.

Very convenient for irregular balcony spaces and bay windows.

Exposed rail, curtain rod, Roman rod

As the name suggests, the curtain rod is characterized by its relatively strong decoration. Most families currently prefer curtain rods as long as they meet the conditions in space and location. The curtain rod

The choice is to consider how to achieve a better decorative effect. It is recommended to choose relatively simple and versatile colors, which is convenient to match different styles of curtains. Change any style like this

The curtains can even be coordinated when changing furniture. Don't choose too fancy, it may soon become outdated. At the same time, you should choose according to the size of the room and space, do not blindly

The pursuit of big and thick, those thicker, very decorative Roman poles are actually more suitable for villas, hotels, etc., ordinary families are not suitable.

In addition to slide rails and decorative poles, there is also a telescopic pole.

The telescopic rod is easy to use and does not require drilling and special installation. It is very suitable for small windows, used for hanging curtains, half curtains, shower curtains, and many other places where small curtains are needed. When buying, you need to measure the size of the window that requires the use of a telescopic rod, determine the telescopic range of the telescopic rod, and the required load-bearing capacity. Generally there are 3 main length adjustment ranges for telescopic rods: 45 ~ 70 cm, 70 ~ 120 cm, 120 ~ 200 cm.

In addition to making choices based on product characteristics, you also need to make choices about product quality. The quality of rail products varies widely, and the average consumer does not know how to identify and choose. I did n’t know much about it in the past. I visited a curtain track company in Shanghai and learned some knowledge at the same time. I also experienced it personally. Ordinary products are quite different. Personally feel that as a hardware product, you should still use high-quality products.

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